Monday, 9 May 2011

looking at the wall

A wall is built in front us; yet it is not a wall to block us from the nature, rather it is a wall to encourage us to reach the environment we live in new perspective. It has more than thirty people contributed to this project with the leaves they brought into the studio; the time and effort spent on grinding; and the mindfulness in seeing the “oneness” of this universe.

note: This is a collaborative work of nearly 40 people from the larger Lingnan community. They were instructed by the artist in making the paint with leaves, but no limitation on the content of their creation on the wall.

studies of leaves II

rather than creating a beautiful or nicely composed drawing, I focus on visualizing and appreciating the aesthetics of a leaf that is initially hidden from human vision.


studies of leaves I

Collecting leaves in Tuen Mun not only granted me a chance to familiarize the community, but also an opportunity to discover the link with the leaves. During my studies, I tried seeing them in depth; and listening to the stories being told silently.

葉子研究 I

The Leaves and the Colours

The Leaves and the Colours

During an artist in residency program in my home town, I stationed in Tuen Mun, one of the earliest established satellite towns of Hong Kong since the 60s where is now the home of more than 500 000 people. The once forgotten linkage with the nature was restored by the leaves in between the buildings and on the roadside. Some 50 samples of leaves with various levels of freshness, types, shapes, colours and sizes were collected along the way and turned into the medium for my work.